Apply to Be A part of A.S. S.C.O.R.E

Learn more about SCORE by visiting our About Us page


Gain Experience in Activism

AS SCORE has been the first introduction to activist spaces for many UCSB students looking to get involved on campus

Gain Experience in Programming

AS SCORE has a large budget dedicated to creating events and programs related to racial equity

Bring Awareness to Different Social Issues

By joining AS SCORE, you will be able to educate the UCSB community on different social issues

2021-2022 SCORE Executive Board Application Form


Position Descriptions:

  • Conference Director (1): Plans and oversees all conferences and helps organize delegations for these conferences.
  • Multimedia Director (1): Handles all public relations for SCORE, including publicizing programs and workshops to the campus community. In charge of taking pictures, running all social medias, and updating SCORE’s website.
  • Administrative Director (1): Responsible for recording and distributing weekly meeting minutes. In charge of all “office” like duties/work.
  • Financial Director (1): In charge of all finances, budgeting and money-related issues for SCORE.
  • Outreach Coordinators (2): Responsible for planning and organizing events for both active members and other campus organizations in order to build a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Education Coordinators (2): In charge of maintaining and programming educational workshops that include relevant issues towards students of color.
  • Executive Co-Chairs (2): Responsible for ensuring that all Executive Board members fulfill their duties and will support the board in creating safe social spaces. Holds responsibility in the overall management of SCORE (students are only allowed to apply for this position if they have previously served on the SCORE Exec board.)
Want to get Involved?
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