Our Story

The AS Student Commission on Racial Equity began as a response to the lack of diversity at UCSB. As students arrived on campus and began attending their classes, the feeling of culture shock began to feel overwhelming for students. In order to create a “home away from home,” this commission was created. Although there is a lack of diversity throughout the entire UC, UCSB’s case was and still is the most extreme out of all the UCs. As such, UCSB is the only UC with a Student Commission on Racial Equity.

SCORE today looks to continue to be the home away from home for many students as well as being many students’ first introduction to activism. SCORE is an organization dedicated to amplifying students’ voices and tackling pressing issues affecting our campus and community.

Our Mission

“The A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equity is a body funded by the UCSB undergraduates concerned with providing a positive and comfortable learning environment for persons from diverse and underrepresented ethnic and racial backgrounds (i.e., Latinx/Chicanx, Blacks, African-American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, South Asian, Southwest Asian/North African/Middle Eastern, First Nation, Native American, etc.). Its purpose is to confront and pro-actively resolve issues of ethnicity-related concerns and create and promote programs to educate the student body on issues concerning the campus and community that affect students of UCSB. This Commission shall implement and support rules and regulations that will help provide a safer atmosphere for students of color on this campus, and network with other groups campus departments or other universities to help combat racism at UCSB or other educational institutions. The Commission shall form subcommittees as deemed necessary”(AS Legal Code 2019-2020).

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