Welcome to the Student Commission on Racial Equality!

SCORE is an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and issues of students of color and underrepresented communities at UC Santa Barbara and the broader system of higher education.

Through education and direct action, we strive to promote diversity, equality, cultural understanding, and community empowerment.


NO MEETING will be held this week (week 8, Thanksgiving)  (Wednesday 11/21st)

Week 9:

  • We will resume on 11/28th @7PM! (Ondas Center, Kerr Hall 1150)

  • Our Week 9 will be study-jam themed! So come in and we will provide food & testing materials

Future Project:  23&Me

  • Know what 23&Me is? 23&Me is a DNA genetic testing & analysis kit that takes a sample of your spit to show you your ancestry, health, traits and more! (We will be picking members on Week 9’s meeting, so be sure to attend!)