Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Every organization has a $300 limit per quarter, $500 limit if the organization has a liaison (see Liaison for more information).
  2. Funded groups must give recognition to SCORE through a visible poster, banner, or on a product given out to the community.
  3. SCORE cannot fund over $500 for food per year to a single group.
  4. SCORE cannot fund costumes (rentals only), gifts, prizes, or makeup.
  5. SCORE cannot fund travel or transportation costs (only exception involves specific request from Finance Board directly).
  6. SCORE cannot fund awards, trophies, gifts or scholarships for individuals.

For more information please reference the Finance Board website:

**In addition to these Rules and Regulations, each group must also take note of the Stipulations for Winter Quarter 2012 Funding (at the bottom of “Funding” page).