Winter Quarter

Facing Race

Facing Race is an annual conference at UC Santa Barbara that seeks to confront some of the most critical issues facing people of color and other underrepresented communities today. The conference is open to all students, allies, staff, faculty, and community members. Through workshops, lectures, discussion, and other special programming we hope to educate and empower all who participate to create social change. Our hope is that Facing Race will be a safe space to critically examine our identities, challenge our consciousness, and build our solidarity and understanding of struggles within and beyond our respective communities.

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Fall Quarter

THE Student of Color Conference

The Student Of Color Conference (S.O.C.C.) is an annual, UC-wide, weekend-long event geared towards educating and empowering students about economic, political, and social issues they may not alwasy get a chance to openly speak about. A goal of the conferecne is to get people to start thinking about intersectionalities of race, class, gender, sexuality, citizen status, disabilities, and other historical unrepresented identities. There will be open spaces for participants to create their own workshops or caucuses. For over 20 years now, students across California have organized across different campuses to address important student-related issues. The conference is open to all students.

In the past, the Student of Color Conference has played a vital role for university students by providing them  with the concepts and skills needed to identify and understand issues related to race and ethnicity and to form action plans for positive change in their communities. the conference will continue this tradition by focusing on education, empowerment, service organizing and activism.