Making Requests

Making a Funding Request:

A funding request is how you formally ask SCORE to fund your project or event. If you feel your event fits the charge of SCORE in helping to educate on racial equality please do the following:

  1. Email SCORE about requesting funding at least two weeks prior to the event.
  2. Once you receive an invitation from the committee, download and fill out the Funding Request Form. It is recommended that you make at least 3 copies of this form and the requested attachments.
  3. Make a legible and understandable itemized budget so that we can better understand how the funds awarded will be broken down for your event.
  4. A member of your organization must present at the Financial Coordinator’s Office Hours. The Financial Coordinator will then present this information to the Commission, which will then vote on the funding requests.

**In addition to the Rules and Regulations, each group must also take note of the Stipulations for Winter Quarter 2013 Funding (at the bottom of “Funding” page).