Why have a SCORE liaison?

We hope to make SCORE a space where all student of color organizations at UCSB can connect, network, and collaborate on issues that are common to many of our experiences (i.e. cultural education programs, recruitment and retention, combatting discrimination on/off campus, and increasing the accessibility and affordability of the UC system).

In order to inclusively and effectively address these issues, we must ensure that every community is represented in the space. Therefore, we strongly encourage your organization to designate a liaison to consistently participate in the SCORE space. In doing so, we can collectively build bridges between our organizations and communities, share resources, and collaborate on common efforts and goals.

In addition to the many benefits of collaboration, having a liaison at SCORE would also raise the amount of funding your organization can receive.  Instead of the usual $300 funding cap (per group, per quarter), an organization with a SCORE liaison is eligible of receiving up to $500 per quarter.

What would you do as a SCORE liaison?

  1. Attend weekly SCORE meetings, if not able to attend you must find a proxy in your place.
  2. Provide updates on specific issues, events, or concerns of your respective organization/community.
  3. Provide updates to your respective organization/community on specific issues, events, or campaigns of SCORE.
  4. Note all important community updates from other liaisons, take them back to your organization/community to share, and keep it informed and connected to the issues of other communities.

What would you do as a voting member?**

  1. As a liaison, you can present funding proposals for your organization.
  2. You can participate in the discussion to help decide those funding allocations.
  3. However, to prevent bias, you cannot vote on approving any funding for the organization that you are the liaison to.

**Note: In order to become a voting member, you must attend a minimum of 3 meetings your first quarter, and 2 meetings the following quarters.