What is SCORE?

The A.S. Student Commission On Racial Equality is an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and issues of students of color and underrepresented communities at UC Santa Barbara and the broader system of higher education. Through education and direct action, we strive to promote diversity, equality, cultural understanding, and community empowerment.

Our vision is to continue the struggle of increasing the representation and retention of underserved communities in higher education, while actively promoting diversity and social equality. We advocate self-empowerment through education and cultural celebration, political engagement, and activism in every form of expression. SCORE is here as a resource and support network to serve all students of color and allies at UCSB. Ultimately, we strive for a learning environment that is cohesive with our needs and our advancements as students of color.

This year, we hope to act as a space where all student of color organizations at UCSB can connect, network, and collaborate on issues that are common among many of our experiences (such as the need for outreach & retention programs, combatting discrimination on/off campus, and increasing the accessibility and affordability of the UC system) in order to create real solutions and real change!